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EXTRIP in the Media

Ethylene glycol, Baclofen, Pregabaline and Amanite were some of the toxins at the heart of discussions at the second EXTRIP (Extra Corporeal Treatment in Poisoning Workgroup) conference, which brought together forty toxicology experts in Montérégie in November.

EXTRIP Awarded "Engaged Scientist of the Year" by the NephJC - the Twitter Nephrology Journal Club

Extracorporeal Therapy for Poisoning: a summary of a presentation by EXTRIP member Dr. Goldfarb is scheduled to give at the 2016 Kidney Week conference in Chicago, November 15, 1:30 to 2:00 p.m. (Read article here)

Does ECTR have a rold in phenytoin poisoning?  AJKD discusses EXTRIP guidelines.  (Click here to view article)

TPR Podcast : Hemodialysis in poisonings (Click here to listen to podcast)

Hemodialysis is recommended for acute salycilate poisoning (Click here to view article) 

Must-read: consider hemodialysis in cases of massive acetaminophen overdose (Click here to view article)

ISN and the Extracorporeal Treatments in Poisoning (EXTRIP) workgroup (Click here to view article)

Thérapies extracorporelles et toxicologie : trop utilisées ou pas assez? À la recherche de l'évidence (Click here to view article) 

AACTion News & Announcements Volume 22, Number 5, October 2012 (Click here to view article) 

Hemodialysis and other extracorporeal modalities in toxicology cases (Click here to view article) 

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EXTRIP Presentations

ASN Annual Meeting

San Diego - November 2021

Contemporary Management of Intoxications

EUSEM Annual Meeting

Lisbon - October 2021

Toxicology - Treatment of intoxicated patients

Argentina Association of Toxicology

Sept 2021

International, multidisciplinary development of recommendations on the use of extracorporeal treatments in poisoning: The EXTRIP workgroup

SQN Conference 

Montreal, Canada - April 2019

EXTRIP II Presentation


CAEP conference

Halifax, Canada - May 2019

EXTRIP II Presentation


ERA-EDTA Annual Meeting

Vienna, Austria - May 2016

Marc Ghannoum: Toxicology for the Nephrologist

ACMT Annual Meeting

Phoenix, USA - May 2014

Paul Dargan: Methods and Recommendations


ERA-EDTA Annual Meeting

Amsterdam, Netherlands - May 2014

Jan Kielstein: Recommendations


SCCM Annual Meeting

San Francisco, USA - January 2014

James Mowry: Methods

Marc Ghannoum: Carbamazepine

Bob Hoffman: Clinical Vignettes


NAACT Annual Meeting

Atlanta, USA - October 2013

Paul Dargan: Acetaminophen


NAPC Annual Meeting

Lillehammer, Norway - August 2013

Lotte Hogberg: Methods and Recommendations


CAEP Annual Meeting

Vancouver, Canada - June 2013

Sophie Gosselin: Recommendations


ERA-EDTA Annual Meeting

Istambul, Turkey - May 2013

Jan Kielstein: Recommendations


EAPCCT Annual Meeting

Copenhagen, Denmark -  May 2013

Marc Ghannoum: Carbamazepine, theophylline

Brian Scott Decker: Available ECTRs

Sophie Gosselin: Lithium management

Thomas Nolin: Toxicokinetics

Darren Roberts: Toxicokinetics

Timothy Wiegand: Metformin

Bruno Mégarbane and Robert Mactier: Debate of intermittent ECTRs vs continuous ECTRs


WCN Biennial Meeting

Hong Kong, HK - May 2013

Marc Ghannoum: Methods, Carbamazepine


CSN Annual Meeting

Montreal, Canada - April 2013

Marc Ghannoum: Methods

Bob Hoffman: Clinical vignettes


SQN Annual Meeting

Montreal, Canada - April 2013

Marc Ghannoum, Methods and Carbamazapine


NKF Spring Clinical Meeting

Orlando, USA - April 2013

David Goldfarb: Extracorporeal Therapies for Poisoning 


ASN Annual Meeting

San Diego, USA - November 2012

Marc Ghannoum: Methods,

Darren Roberts: Toxicokinetics


AMUQ, ASMUQ Annual Meeting

La Malbaie, Canada - November 2012

Sophie Gosselin: Acetaminophen

Marc Ghannoum: Methods and Complications of ECTR


NAACT Annual Meeting

Las Vegas, USA - October 2012

Marc Ghannoum: Valproic Acid

Bob Hoffman: Lithium


EAPCCT Annual Meeting

London, UK, May 2012

Marc Ghannoum: Methods, Thallium

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