Funding Policy


Funding for EXTRIP was obtained from the industry. These contributions are unrestricted educational grants and are solely used to finance:

  • Retrieval and translation of publications

  • Travel expenses to EXTRIP meetings for every participant

  • Costs related to venue or conference calls for EXTRIP meetings 


All reimbursement claims require presentation of acceptable expenses invoices to the Verdun Hospital Research Fund where financial contributions are deposited. 


Furthermore, the EXTRIP workgroup state that:

  • No member of the funding party is represented in the workgroup.

  • No honorarium is offered to any participants of the poison panel, the ad-hoc committee or executive committee for any role in the scientific or meeting organization process.

  • No industry input is permitted in the scientific content, development, and publication of any guideline.

  • No industry presence is accepted at any meeting.

  • No industry awareness or comment on the recommendations is allowed.


Sponsors include: Leo Pharma ($40,000), Amgen Canada ($40,000), Janssen-Ortho ($30,000), Fresenius Canada ($20,000), Servier ($3,000).


Disclosure of potential conflict of interest of participants will be declared in every publication of EXTRIP. Competing interest from participants include: SKA: Advisory board (Merck), MG: Lecturer (Amgen Canada and Janssen-Ortho), advisory boards (Genzyme, Amgen Canada), RM: Consultative work (Baxter Healthcare), Travel costs unrelated to EXTRIP (Roche,Amgen), JK: Advisory board and grant (Fresenius Medical Care), DG: Consultant (Takeda), Honorarium (Genzyme, Mission Pharmacal), Advisory board (Retrophin, Astra Zeneca), Owner (The Ravine Group), Research site collaborator (Reata, Amgen, Hospira), RM:Grant (Hospira), TB: Guest speaker (Gambro), KL: Stock (Amgen). The remaining authors declare that they have no competing interests.